Review: Dirty Player

This was a top read for me out of this batch of Cocky Hero Club Offerings.  This is a Hockey/Sports romance and I have a great love of the Hockey Romance. 

Sebastian, aka Bash, Fury is a hockey superstar. Bash has hockey in his blood as his father also spent time in the league.  Bash has an attitude like no other. His attitude is what gets him traded to the his new team. Where he is confronted by a female coach.

Greer is a woman and the head coach of the Scorpions hockey team where Bash has landed. The pressure is on her to do well with her expansion team.  Greer has to prove the she has a right to be in the league coaching.

Bash and Greer’s are like oil and water.  Bash is doing everything he can not make life easy for Greer.  Things only get more intense when Greer realizes how attracted she is to Bash.  Greer needs Bash to fall in line so that everything she wants is not at risk. 

The writing in this book was wonderful!  It was well thought out.  The characters have so much dimension.   I highly recommend this book. Their interactions are entertaining, so much chemistry in this story.  This was a 5/5 read for me.  You should absolutely out this on your TBR List.