Cosplay Worthy by Quiana Glide

Rating: 3/5
Tropes: fandom, meet cute, Hollywood, instant connection
PoP: 26%

This is a romance for everyone, but totally for the nerdy girl looking for her HEA. 

This is the story of fan girl Layla, and her crush Vic.

There is so much in this book done well.  The author gets the atmosphere and excitement of dressing up and being amongst like people. Also, the anticipation of meeting some of your favorite celebrities. 

Layla is quirky and funny. I feel like I know her.  She was an easy character to connect with.  Her excitement to meet her dream guy and all the happens was so tangible and well done. 

Vi is not the perfect persona he portrays on the screen.  But he does have some amazing moments that bring all the swoon. 

I really enjoyed the story. This book while fun and quirky has a great character arc. The fact that two imperfect people embrace everything about themselves and each other can find their way to an HEA.  I really liked that it was not the typical expected fandom culture. This is a debut novel and as expected there are some pacing issues. The story does drag a little, but it does pick up and the ending is worth it. Because of the pacing issues the ending does feel a bit rushed. But overall, it is a very well-done story that I enjoyed a lot.