Review: Broken Reign by Ava Harrison

Rating: 4/5 PoP: 46%  Standalone

It has been a few months since I have read a book by Ava Harrsion. This was a good choice to reacquaint myself with her work. Her characters usually have a past that greatly impacts their future and that holds for Tobais and Skye. 

The first chapter is from Detective Matthews’ point of view, the only one we get from him. He was on duty in the small town of Reddington when a mass shooting occurred at the local diner. Most of the people he saw when he arrived on scene were dead but he was able to save a few. One of those was six year old Skye. We are then transported to 20 years laters and the view of Tobais Kosta. He is a known drug importer that is trying to get out of the business, just as soon as he enacts his revenge on Felix Bernard. 

Bernard is also a known criminal mastermind of the city, who somehow never faces charges. His lawyer at this time is Skye, like Tobais she has been working hard to find the correct people to hold responsible for her past tragedy. Tobais ensures that Skye and him are working closely together after they see each other in the courtroom. Each has their reasons for getting close to Felix, but they also end up getting close to each other. As secrets unfold they learn they are the only ones that can completely calm each other and that their end goals align. 

I loved the connection between these two characters. They were truly meant to be together. I also like that the predictable end of the revenge plot was not the one that either character suspected. There was a lot of drama in this book and high intensity situations, however I would have liked a bit more of the development of Skye and Tobias as a couple before the war began. Overall it is a good and easy suspense read that reminded me not to pass over any of Harrison’s new releases.