Review: Hard and Fast by Mari Carr

Rating: 5/5
Series: Italian Stallion Book #2
Series Type: Series of Standalones
Tropes: Dating Coach, co-workers, nerdy heroine, Real body heroine, Dirty Talker, Sex toys
Pop: 37%

Hard and Fast is the steamy book with big emotions you did not even know you needed! This book had so much good that I am not even sure where to start!

I love Penny Beaumont so much!  Penny was such a relatable character.  She embraced her quirkiness in way that made her seem outgoing but really, she was shielding herself from others.  Penny had a reason why she wore the mom jeans and oversized t-shirts.  It took realize how lonely she was feeling on the cusp of her 29th birthday to finally that the steps to make some changes.  She was so much more than the awkward nerdy girl but that was her safe place.  I love that she challenged herself to move outside her comfort zone. 

I loved how Penny was described and really body rep in this book. She is tall 5’10. She has curves but isn’t heavy. She hides her body because it took a while for her body to develop as a child and those experiences left her with a lot of self doubt and body issues. It wasn’t so much fatphobia but that those earlier years had her hiding it an effort to not draw attention to herself.

Gage Russo might be one of the most frustrating men to hit the pages of a romance novel in recent days.  He straddles the line of who he presented the world and who he really was. He did not open himself up to others very much including his brothers.  He fought so hard against his attraction to Penny.  He really needed a good shaking.

These two come together like the force of a category 5 hurricane with the full force of passion and dirty talking I was not expecting.  I am a huge fan of the “dating coach “ trope and this is an exceptional example of it.   The chemistry between Gage and Penny is so yummy!  Honestly, I wanted more and more from them. They might be one of my favorite couple of romance. 

The only piece I wish I knew more about was the feud between the Russos and the Morettis.   I am sure it will come our over the course of the books and I can not wait! 

If you are looking for a super spicy romance with an extraordinary heroine you should check out Hard and Fast.  I am very much enjoying the series and can not wait for book 3.