Review: The Nanny and the Heartthrob by Krista Sandor

Series: The Nanny Love Match Series #4
Series Type: Series of Standalones
Tropes: damaged-hero, friend-group, found-family, instant-attraction, marriage-of-convenience, nanny, nanny-romance, one-night-stand, rock-star-trope, rom-com, Vegas-wedding, wake-up-married
Pop: 15%

I was not prepared for all the swoony and big feels of the final book in the Nanny Love Match Series from Krista Sandor.   

One Night in Vegas just living and not saying no leads to one amazing HEA! 

Harper’s life is falling apart.  She is juggling a lot of different things all the while pretending that everything is handled and ok. She was a bit of a mess really.  Harper has been the person everyone leaves. Her parents left her.  Her grandfather has passed away. The only person she feels she has is her grandmother and Bon Bon’s from the local bakery. Harper’s one true passion is music and share the love of that music with everyone. Harper has such a great heart.  He feels deeply and just wants someone to truly see and lover her, to be her partner.

Landon looks like the guy who has it all. Pop Star with millions of adoring fans.  He should be happy, but everything is not as it seems. He is lonely having lost his former bandmates.  He can’t write new music. He is stuck in this perpetual cycle that is simply destroying him.  Landon needs a Nanny because he is taking guardianship of his niece.  He is also stepping away from his popstar imagine figuring out what he wants to put pout in the world. 

Little Miss Aria is a delight in this book. As with all the kids in this series she is sassy and spectacular. I love her spunk and she bring a lightness to this book that just add a next level to the story. 

I have loved this series so much and I am sad to see it end but the author gave us so much in this book.  A moody rockstar and a not Nanny -Nanny with some major feistiness plus a super sassy 7yr old and you have one spectacular read!  A visit with some old friends. I just really loved the feelings in this book. Harper and Landon are maybe my favorite couple of the series, please don’t tell Mitch and Charlotte.  The author shows that even when you are trying to hide what makes you vulnerable those that love you and care see it.  Honestly, I really loved this book and if I can get you to read just one book from this author, read this one!