Redemption Refused | Marie James

The Mission Mercenaries have pushed me out of my comfort zone from book one, and this book is no different. These are not mushy touchy feely heroes or heroines. They are gritty and most have pasts that haunt them. But they

Alani really comes off as a spoiled brat in previous books, and at times in this book. But the truth is she is so young. And trying to make her way in the world. She doesn’t really fit a mold, and she is trying to figure out where she fits. She tries to be the person that Ayla, her sister that raised her wants her to be but that just never felt right.

Donavan really isn’t living. He exists. All while punishing himself daily for his past…he really is protecting himself from emotional pain by not caring about others. But Alani keeps pulling him in. He keeps to the shadows, and until she figures out a way to bait him enough that is where he stays.

While Alani keeps pushing boundaries and putting herself in more and more danger Donavan continues to be there to save her.
Alani and Donavan have explosive raw chemistry and as a reader you can almost feel the tension while reading. If you like a dark romance with a good amount of push pull, and a sassy heroine this book should be on your TBR, you will not be disappointed. As always with a dark romance check the trigger warnings.