Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

When do you decided that an author isn’t right for you anymore?

I think that everyone has those tried and true authors that never disappoint them, and breaking up is hard to do. But what happens if one of those tried and true authors starts to write books that just don’t hit you in the right spot anymore? Do you keep trying their books hoping that maybe just maybe this will be the book that you enjoy again? Or do you break up with them?

Breaking up is hard to do, I get it. I have done it more in the past couple than I realized. There have been some authors that I read every single book on their backlist. However, the last 2 or 3 books they have published have missed the mark. So I have taken a step back from reading them. I don’t want to because they were a huge part of my reading journey. But why keep reading books that bring me no fulfillment.

Sometimes breaking up with an author is a personal choice as well.

The book world is very public. The book world can be very manic. There are moments in the book world in which authors put opinions/emotions/thoughts into action that are just not in line with who I am with a person. So sometimes that breaking up happens because our life choices don’t mesh. While yes, I know I do not personally interact with every author that I read. But in my position, I do know a few and authors have a community to represent. When you are a poor representation for that community, I pull back.

Do you go back to an author you broke up with?

The short answer for this is… Sometimes. There are times when I have stepped back from an author for one reason or another. So yes, there are times when I go back to give them another try. But typically, this is a one time chance. There are so many books and so many authors. Don’t waste you time on books that don’t hit for you.

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