Good Hands | Kelly Jamieson

I love that we were able to take a trip back to Aruba with the Bears! I love there was another story that we missed while we were engrossed in Emerie and Owen’s story.  Brandon and Lola meet for what they both anticipate is a one night stand, but they both live in the same city.  I loved everything about their meet cute and how they ended up running into each other again.  I think we all meet people and wish for a second chance at an encounter.  Friends with benefits is one of my favorite things to read because it is always interesting how it plays out and who falls first.  These two had awesome chemistry that melted my kindle….and lots and lots of chemistry.  And I am here for it all.  The way that Jamieson wrote their intensifying relationship both kept me wanting more of these two.  While both Brandon and Lola liked to think that they were all for being alone and relationships weren’t for them but their actions were giving us a different message.  I love how their relationship had their ups and downs just like in real life. The journey that we got to experience Lola and Brandon was so worth it and I promise you will adore this couple and their amazing friendship and chemistry!