Reluctant Bride by Monica Murphy

Rating: 4/5
Series: Book 1 of 3
Tropes: Arranged Marriage, Billionaire,
World: Midnight Dynasty
Pop: 88%

This series trilogy is going to be so good! 

Please note: book does end on a cliff hanger. 

Perry Constantine has been a favorite of mine since The Stroke of Midnight books.  He is one of those characters you aren’t sure fits into his family, he is almost the rebel with out being the black sheep.  You know they had to have some kind of impact on him.  Perry is trying to make his family proud and finally do something for himself that isn’t pre-planned by his mother, all while having to go through an unwanted alliance for the sake of the family. 

Charlotte we need more of her. Charlotte has a past of her own. She plays everything so close to her chest, mostly because her father is a jackass… but the build up to their wedding day I am all in for! 

The moments when Charlotte and Perry on the page together are electric! Their banter and body language are intense! 

This book was quick and fun and you through in some suspense, a complicated family dynamic and side characters from the Midnight Dynasty World you have me hooked!   I am eager for the next book in this story! I need to know all the things!