Hard Hit | Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera

The St.Louis Mavericks have very quickly become one of my favorite hockey series.  I simply adore this group of characters; they are an amazing found family and strong team both on the ice and off.  This series is not light and fluffy and your heartstrings will be pulled all over the place, but Rothert & Mizera put it back together, I promise! Michael Boone has been one of the big players that has been around throughout the series.  He had his heart stomped on and but he has been a constant support for so many of the players and their partners.  This guy is so funny, but also has a heart of gold.  It seems Boone is always doing or saying something to one of the characters that makes your heart melt. We were all so excited for him to find his match.  Boone is one of the characters you feel like you know so well, and then you get to his book and you realize you didn’t know him that well at all.  The thing that stuck out to me the most about Boone is how important his family is to him.  He would literally do whatever he needed to be there for them, and he shows it in his actions! When he finds his coaches daughter running away from her wedding, he of course, has no choice but to help the girl out!

Jolie Gizzard is a Ph.D student that is set to marry a man that her father approves of, until she realizes that she can’t.  Running from her wedding and straight into the car of a player on her fathers team no less.  Jolie is a no nonsense kind of girl, and she has her eye on the prize.  Her Ph.D.  She has goals and plans.  Which is my absolute favorite thing about her.  Her father on the other hand, really wants to play a role in her life….he also happens to be the head coach for the St.Louis Maverick’s.  Their dynamic was one I struggled with, and not because of her.  She is who she is, and honestly she is amazing.  She has a kind heart and always so willing to step in and help out.  I love how she grew throughout the book, followed her heart, and made amazing friends!  I also absolutely thought Grandma G was a definite highlight of this book!

Boone and Jolie brought out the best in one another.  They complimented each other so well.  They definitely taught readers a lesson in communication, and being open with your feelings! This is another MUST read for me, but you have to read all of the books in the series to really grasp the amazingness of this team! All the stars for this author duo….and I hope to see many many more from the Maverick’s!