The Story of Cassie and Tom. 

Tom- is a strong self-assured accomplished neurologist who seems to know his path in life.  He has a huge sense of family. He has a big capacity to love be it his niece and nephew, friends or Cassie.  You can tell is looking for his soulmate. 

Cassie-is a young 20-year-old with out a lot of life experience.  Having been sheltered by a bitter divorces mother.  Her mother has slanted her view on the world.  On the other side her father seems to be much more encouraging and accepting of Cassie but realizes that her mother’s negative outlook on life has clouded Cassie’s perception.   

Cassie unsure as to what her future is takes a gap year between graduating high school and starting her adult life be it college or work.  Cassie is from Vancouver Canada and take a job as a nanny in Tampa Florida that her aunt arranges for her.  Cassie’s employer is a player for the Tampa Sun Hockey Team.  Cassie is charged with the care of 6-month-old twins Jenna and Daniel.  Cassie takes her new job very seriously and easily simulates into the family fold where Tom is the uncle of Jenna and Daniel. 

The Story checks off a lot of boxes for me. 

  • Funny and Sweet Meet Cute. 
  • Sexy self-assured Hero
  • A voice of reason/pushing the couple together- Cassie’s Aunt Lauren (Her story is Book one of the of Tampa Sun’s series. 
  • Sweet romantic interactions and so many almost moments leading up to the couple coming together. 
  • The Climate of the Plot where you know that the Hero has the Heroine’s back and truly loves her. 
  • HEA

This is a great example of a romance novel that gives you all the details of the development of the relationship.  Sometimes novels will push H & H right together and allow the relationship to develop once they are together.  Risky Moves show us the slow burn these two experiences.  While we as the reader see their instant attraction, it takes them a little longer to conclude that being together is worth all the risks.  Tom feels like showing interest in Cassie might cause issues in his family also Cassie’s uncle is his best friend.  There is also the age difference of 6/7 years that Tom worries will work against him.  Tom’s brother is Cassie’s employer which is another possible hurdle.  Cassie worries that she is two young and not good enough for Tom.  She also realizes the awkward situation that could result if things don’t work out between them.  Cassie’s self-doubt plays a huge role in their slow progression. Once they decided to be together and take the risk the story takes us on a whirl wind of their romance.  They still have huge obstacles to overcome. 

This is labeled as a book 2 I read it as a standalone and had no issues picking up on characters and relationship dynamics.   While labeled as a Hockey Romance there isn’t a ton of that, but you get enough of it to feel the chill of the ice.  This was a 4/5 read for me.  I had a couple of issues with the pace of the book but once Tom and Cassie get together it gains momentum.