Ep 95 Indie Author Spotlight Catherine Cowles

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance we are continuing our Indie Author Spotlight with author Catherine Cowles.  April is Indie author month and all month long we have featured some of our favorite Indie authors either as Quick Shot of Romance or for our Spotlight Interviews.  

Bio:  Writer of words. Drinker of Diet Cokes. Lover of all things cute and furry, especially her dog. Catherine has had her nose in a book since the time she could read and finally decided to write down some of her own stories. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring her home state of Oregon, listening to true crime podcasts, or searching for her next book boyfriend.  

Connect with Catherine:


We are working on some upcoming episodes of the Podcast and have list of questions on our website along with on our Instagram. One of the things we are curious about if there is an author you are hesitant to start reading because you are not sure where to start or because they have a Huge back List.    We are also curious if there are any terms we use in reference to Romance Books, Bookish things or book related in general that you would like us to clarify.   You can email us with your questions or responses to [email protected]  

Book of the Week:   

Leah: No book.. slumping 

Becky:  Royal by Rebel Shaw.  This is a new pen name for authors Lacey Black and Kaylee Ryan. This was a super sexy nanny romance.  I loved it so much. It releases on 5/10. I will be talking about it nonstop until all of you read it!  You have been warned!  

Drunk Book Club:  Next Book Club is May 21st  we will be joined by author Duo Max Monroe.  We are reading My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend.  They will be joining us for the evening.  Book Club is exclusive event for Patreon. You can find details at Bookcaseandcoffee.com 

Spring Fling Bingo Challenge going on right now for the Month of April and May.  When we think spring we thing mud and dirt, new life and growth. We think off all the new plans and hope that come with the start of Spring. We are providing you with a guide to get rid of the grey skies of winter and embrace the warmer days and spicy books!   

Group Read.  Each month we host 1-2 group reads in our discord server.  The next book we are reading is  In My Heart by Nora Everly.  We are discussing this on 4/27 and we will be live with Nora on IG on 4/28 to ask all the questions.  These and any of our discord events  are open to anyone who is interested in reading talking books.  

Patreon Update:

Buzzing about Romance is 100% Indie Podcast… what does this mean?  It means that everything we do is done independently outside of a media company or network.  We currently do not have any advertisers on our podcast so the way we fund things are via our Patreon Campaign.   Part of the reason we do this is it gives us the control to pick the topics and authors we want to interview.  We do not use a booking agent or service for our podcast.  Each author or book reviewed is decided by us and a direct result of community feedback.  We also do not have a fee that is charged to anyone for ANY of the events we host.   

Welcome to new patreon members Janice and  Julie.  We are so excited to you have you join us.  We are 5 members away from our next big Giveaway!  We will be asking in the Patreon as to which author we should feature this time. Last time we had one of these it was Penny Reid. 

Next Up: Our Final Spotlight Episode for Indie author month is none other than the amazing Author Duo Max Monroe. We are going to sit down with them to talk about their author journey and why they have chosen to stay indie.   Plus we will get the inside scoop on how they right steamy funny rom-com and keep the stories feeling fresh!   

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