Some of my Favorite Heroines to Date Published in 2023

There are some heroines that stick out in my mind. It’s because they are fully capable of taking care of themselves. They do no NEED help, but truly want someone to take part of the load. Whether that load is emotional, mental, or pshycial. Sometimes it’s the single mom that is floundering in trying to make it all happen. She is capable of doing it, but having a person to share that burden yanks that weight off of her shoulders.

There are so many styles of heroines.

Sometimes it’s the struggling heroine who needs someone to help direct and focus their thoughts. Whether or not this would be a healthy reality in real life. Because… as I like to say, my red flags in my romance and NOT my red flags in life. Maybe it’s the heroine who is struggling with her feelings for her hero and is at a crossroads of life. Whatever the case may be… these are strong women on their own. But they are a FORCE when they meet their match. Or is it the heroine who takes on the burden of someone else because they want the best for them.

My Favorite (to date) 2023 Heroines

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Brienne Norcross – Drake by Sawyer Bennett

Tessa McDaniels – Promise Me Always by A.L. Jackson

Mara Greene – Montana Silence by Josie Jade