Worst Trope/Best Trope

Have you ever visited the website Tvtrope.org.  I sometimes wonder if authors when during a writing block use this to find tropes to tell stories about.  Seriously pick a trope out of the list and it will tell you tv shows that have used that trope. 

For the next couple of weeks I am going to be offering a series of my favorite and least favorite tropes. I will also be giving recommendations of books that are part of that trope.

To start off with I have created a list of my favorites and least favorite.

Some of my Favorite tropes are

  1. Surprise/Secret Baby
  2. Secret Romance
  3. Instant Love
  4. Fake Relationship
  5. Sexy Billionaire/Millionaire
  6. Famous /Average
  7. Forbidden Love. …
  8. Office Romance
  9. Sliver Fox
  10. Older Man/younger woman

Some of my least favorite tropes are

  1. Second Chance
  2. Friends to lovers
  3. Reunited Lovers (I think is the same as Second Chance)
  4. Love Triangle
  5. Enemies to Lovers.
  6. Childhood Friends
  7. Student/Teacher

Do you have a trope you love or hate or even love to hate. Drop a comment and I will happily give my thoughts in an upcoming post. I might also ask you to write up your thoughts on it.