Boss Babes in Romantic Suspense – A TBR List

Looking for a fierce heroine who gets the job done? 

Protective heroes are popular in the romantic suspense genre, but nothing beats a heroine who can go toe to toe with these alpha men. Female team leaders, agents and operators are my kryptonite. Below are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. 

Kevin by Riley Edwards

Layla is a former CIA officer who has been running a secret government operation for the last ten years. She is tired of lying and living in the shadows. When one of her agents goes missing, she turns to Z Corps for help. Kevin spots her lies from a mile away and makes it his mission to find out what is really going on. They have an instant connection, but immediately find themselves in danger. This book is fast paced and action packed, which makes for more of a slow burn, but I barely noticed because they are still connecting on a deeply emotional level the entire time.

The Guarded One by Brittney Sahin

Syndey Archer is a former Army officer who now works as an operator for Falcon Falls Security. Did I mention she can use a bow and arrow with lethal precision? Or that she is a superhero single mom to a teenage boy? She is the total package and the perfect person to help Beckett Hawkins when his past comes back to haunt him. They find themselves on a dangerous mission full of twists and turns while trying to deny their attraction to each other. The buildup between these two is HOT! 

Steel by Anna Hackett

Devyn “Hellfire” Hayden is a CIA agent who specializes in deep-cover missions. Killian “Steel” Hawke is a former CIA agent who currently runs Sentinel Security. They find themselves being targeted by an assassin hunting the world’s top intelligence agents and decide to work together to eliminate the threat. Devyn and Killian have skirted around their attraction for years and are finally forced to face it while working together. They go to the mat to protect each other and I loved every minute of this one.

Ultimate Risk by Anna Blakely

McKenna “Mac” Kelley is a sniper for R.I.S.C. Alpha Team. She and Sean “Coop” Cooper have been partners and friends for years, but have never acted on the hidden attraction they have for each other. Mac has a dangerous past and it finally catches up to her. She decides to leave the team, but Coop won’t let her go alone. They finally admit their feelings for each other and face Mac’s secrets head on.

Code Name: Hacker by Sawyer Bennett

Bebe Grimshaw spent years in prison for illegal hacking. She is now using her talents for good as a member of Jameson Force Security while raising her son. Bebe meets Griffin at the park with her son and has no idea that he has been sent to kill her. Griffin soon realizes that Bebe is more than what she seems and is unable to go through with his assignment. This one is full of twists and turns.

More Boss Babes

My TBR list for boss babes in romantic suspense is never ending, so are a few more of my favorites to add to yours.