Opening Day: Baseball Romance Recs

Happy Opening Day Baseball Fans!!!

Baseball season is HERE and we wanted to provide you with some of our favorite baseball romance reads to help you through the season.

I haven’t read a ton of baseball romances, but I do have two that I love and recommend to everyone. Lindsey is our resident baseball guru. She knows all and has provided her top three favorite series. We have also included other favorites of the Bees.

Amanda’s Favorites:

The New York Lions by Lulu Moore
The New Orleans Revelers by Jiffy Kate

Lindsey’s Top 3:

The Dallas Longhorns by Tara Wyatt
The Carolina Waves by Tina Gallagher
Out of Reach by Kaylee Ryan

From the Bees:

We hope you enjoy the season. Good luck to your teams and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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