Lights, Camera, Passion | Isabel Lucero

One of the things that is epic in romance books is the tension between the two characters and book besties, Lucero delivered on the tension.  Jacoby is sort of the “it” guy in Hollywood.  He is a highly sought after actor, and comes off a little full of himself.  Roman is an up and coming actor and sort of flashy and outgoing.  The two are starring opposite one another as a beloved MM romance book film adaptation. There is a lot of pressure on the pair to make this book amazing for fans of the book.  There are rumors that the duo do not get along, and the outside pressure is palpable.  As Jacoby and Roman work together closely and the tension just grows, and the bickering and banter makes it so much more intense.  And when it finally comes to head OH.MY.GOODNESS I was not prepared.  

While I was not team Jacoby to start, my heart warmed for him.  He has hidden the truest parts of himself from the world, and how he opened up and became himself with Roman made me melt for him.  Jacoby really is a big ‘ol softy that loves so hard.  And not being himself for so long was so taxing on him. 

While the world might see Roman as confident and carefree, those closest to him see him as the man he really is; one that loves so hard but has so much pain, too. 

As this pair navigates a secret relationship out of the press, they share so much of one another and really blossom into such an amazing couple.  They understand and accept one another exactly where they are.  I also really appreciate how Lucero approached the subject of “outing” people.  If you love a couple that the world views as opposites, where the couple becomes the calm for one another, some serious banter, and steamy steamy scenes I highly recommend this book to you! While this was my first Isable Lucero book it will certainly not be my last!


Rating: 5 STARS
POV: FIRST person dual POV
POP: 42%

Series: Standlone

Type of Series: standalone
Tropes: workplace romance, enemies to lovers, close proximity, Hollywood, secret relationshipRelease Date: 4/8/24
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