“Next to You” by Hannah Bonam Young

Mixed Feelings: A Review of “Next to You” by Hannah Bonam Young

Initially, I was ready to give ‘Next to You’ all the stars, but upon reflection, my feelings evolved. While the audio version was fantastic and I enjoyed the continuation from ‘Next of Kin,’ I found myself torn.

On the bright side, the book’s premise had promise, especially with its friends-to-lovers angle and the reverse grumpy x sunshine dynamic. Matt, our cinnamon roll hero with a hint of stern brunch daddy vibes, was undeniably charming. However, his perfection felt a bit too polished at times, leaving me wanting more depth.

Lane, our protagonist, elicited mixed emotions. While I empathized with her anxiety and agoraphobia struggles, her actions sometimes felt self-centered. I found myself questioning her motivations, especially in her relationships.

Regarding anxiety representation, I appreciated the effort but felt Lane’s agoraphobia diagnosis was underdeveloped. It felt like an afterthought, lacking the depth it deserved.

Despite these concerns, I enjoyed the progression of Lane and Matt’s relationship, especially the entertaining bus storyline. The pacing was swift, and their chemistry was palpable. However, I wished for more insight into Matt’s perspective.

Ultimately, ‘Next to You’ had its moments, but it didn’t quite reach the standout status for me. Nonetheless, I remain hopeful for the author’s future works. Overall, it’s a light-hearted romance, perfect for a quick read or listen.

Book Stats:
Rating 3/5
Tropes: Grumpy x Sunshine, Only One Bed, He Falls First, Mutual Pinning, Cinnamon Roll Hero, Anxiety/Depression Rep, Dad Bods
POP: 64%

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