Zeus | Eden Finley

Anytime Zeus has been on the page in previous Mike Bravo books there has always been amazing banter and phenomenal one liners.  And like his fellow Mike Bravo crew members I have been waiting for this man to fall head over heels in love…not that I thought he would admit it to himself!
Callie, or Sam Eckles has been on the run for so long he isn’t sure what to do next.  He had burned so many bridges and trusted the wrong people. So when another group of people seem to be after him he runs right into the enemy and away from Zeus and Mike Bravo. 
Zeus will stop at nothing to get Callie back to California and back on his feet.  But Callie is making that extremely difficult.  Immediately their interactions and connection was different for both of them.  Zeus treated Callie with the care he deserved, and Callie saw Zeus for more than a playboy.  These two surprised me in the best possible way.  The care that Zeus took with Callie, and in the same way Callie saw Zeus for the kind, generous and loving man he is. The physical connection this pair had was nothing short of amazing, while these two may have struggled with words their bodies always knew how to make the other feel the emotions they couldn’t express.  The suspense was also top notch in this book and I was on the edge of my seat! 

Of course, the Mike Bravo crew never ever disappoints and Iris and Saint literally kept me laughing while Haz and Decaf made me want to pull up a chair with some popcorn!  I simply adored the little breadcrumbs that Eden gave us readers- I think it fair to say that I never ever want the Mike Bravo series to come to an end.  I adore this sassy group of men that love to love their men and blow up anything they can with copious amounts of C4 or guns!