Books Like Butcher and Blackbird

Looking for your next read after “Butcher and Blackbird”? Whether you’re itching for the next installment in the Ruinous Love Trilogy or craving a similar vibe, these handpicked recommendations have you covered.

Dive into the dark underworld with “Brutal Vows: Queens and Monsters” by J.T. Geissinger, where the tension of John Wick meets the passion of Romeo and Juliet in a seductive mafia romance. Join an Irish mobster and an Italian mafia princess as their empires clash, filled with hatred, desire, and the threat of destruction.

Book Review by Jenni

If small-town charm and suspense are more your style, check out “The Guarded One” by Brittney Sahin. Where a gruff sheriff finds himself drawn to a former Army officer amidst danger and a powerful connection.

For a thrilling ride, consider “Six” by K.I. Lynn, where a woman’s life takes a dangerous turn after a one-night stand with a former fling. No worries he is now an assassin, forcing her to rely on him for survival as they navigate a deadly conspiracy across the globe.

If dark comedy is your cup of tea, don’t miss “Morbidly Yours” by Ivy Fairbanks. MMC Callum and FMC Lark embark on an unconventional romance in the midst of an undertaking business.

Additional recommendations include:

  • “Still Beating” by Jennifer Hartmann
  • “The Mindf*ck Series” by S.T. Abby
  • “Hans” by SJ Tilly
  • “Hitman” by C Hallman
  • Sinners Duet” by Sophie Lark

With this diverse selection, say goodbye to your book hangovers and delve into new worlds that capture the essence of “Butcher and Blackbird.”