Plot a Book Live Recap

Did you miss Episode 1 of Plot a Book Live? You can watch the replay right now!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to plot a book? I’ve got your chance to be part of the process! Buzzing About Romance and I have teamed up to bring the book plotting process to YOU. Here are the details and a recap of what we discussed during our first LIVE session in May.

Once a month, Becky from Buzzing About Romance and Sawyer Bennett will host a LIVE session on TikTok where readers can join in and give feedback and story ideas on things such as the trope, location, character names, personality traits, etc. Once all the information is laid out, Sawyer will write the story and it will available to our newsletter subscribers for FREE!

Here is what we covered in May and keep reading for ways that you can participate too!

Trope: Because this will be a novella, I wanted to look at doing something where our main characters have an established connection. Second chance, brother/sister’s best friend, something along that line. During our live session, readers expressed interest in second chance with an enemies to lovers twist.

Why did they break up? Every good second chance story needs a break-up backstory. We discussed a ton of great options including a prosecutor and defense attorney conflict, because of a job or career choices, family didn’t support the relationship, and the most dreaded dirty deed of them all…because he deleted all of her Hallmark movies!

Location, location, location! We talked a little about where to set this story. Should it be somewhere established within a previous Sawyer Bennett story? Or a completely new location? We haven’t narrowed down the exact location yet (and I’m still open to suggestions!), but the general consensus was a small town story appealed more than the big city.

How can you participate going forward?

Help name the characters: We collected a list of names for both main characters, and I’d love your input! There is a link to a Google form below where you can vote for your favorite names.

Which Sawyer Bennett characters would you love to see appear in this story? Add your suggestions to the form below!

VOTE on character names and crossovers here: Google Form

Next Live Event is June 16th 9:30p est
On our Next Episode we are going to deep dive into Character Development.

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