The Game Changer of Kindle

This follows how the kindle became a game changer in my life. I bought my first kindle back in 2017. And I held off for a REALLY long time because I loved the feel and smell (and yes there is a smell) to my books. My how my thoughts and feeling changed. For vacations, I would be that person to take 10 books on a week long trip and hope that I don’t finish them. Granted, I read fast… so sometimes it wasn’t enough, but traveling with that amount of books took up a lot of space. And weighs a TON. So when I travel with my kindle, my biggest worry is whether or not I downloaded enough books and if the wi-fi would be good enough if I didn’t.

My original kindle stopped holding a charge after a couple of years, but let me tell you… I was a SAHM so it got a workout, especially on nights when my husband would work and with littles I was at home by myself. I don’t watch a ton of tv personally… but when I do watch it more of a background noise than anything else, and I got a ton of reading in, and found myself immersed in kindle unlimited and the indie author boom. There were tons new authors discovered that were also new on the scene and new to me. And I never looked back.

Then my second kindle died after multiple drops as well as a dip into the water.

So I had to updated again and I got the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. And when I opened those blue boxes, another game changer. There is nothing worse than laying down to read at the end of the day and realizing that I FORGOT TO CHARGE MY KINDLE. Now I know wha you are thinking, it doesn’t take much to plug it in. But truthfully, my house didn’t have a ton of micro USB cables sitting around. iPhone chargers we have those in almost every room, but there are very few items that used the micro USB. So if I didn’t pay attention to the battery life then I didn’t think to plug in.

But with the contact charger, I just have to set it right now when I am at my desk in my home office. I look to the right, and there it is. GAME CHANGER. My kindle is never low on a battery because I don’t even have to think about where or how to plug in. This contact charger is set up right next to all my computer extras. The printer, the Cricut, and everything else. It fits right next to everything that I need.

However, there is one negative to the signature. Personally for me it isn’t an issue because I work off of a MAC. The charging port is a USB-C rather than the micro USB of the other styles of paper whites. I actually discovered this the other day when I went to actually plug it into the micro USB instead of using the contact charger because I was being lazy and didn’t want to walk down to my basement. Aside from this discovery, this charger has been worth every cent.

I vote 10 out of 10 for this charger, and I won’t ever go back again.

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