Close Proximity Books- Coworkers or Boss-employee

How is coworkers or boss employee Close Proximity and not Forced Proximity?

Because you can quit!

Do you have a favorite trope? Which trope have you come across the most in your readings? Recently, I decided to explore my Goodreads shelves to determine which tropes I have encountered frequently and which ones I haven’t. Surprisingly, “Hockey Romance” emerged as the top trope with the highest number of books shelved. However, since I consider Hockey Romances more of a sub-genre and have already covered that in a few previous Pour Over TBR lists (which you can find here), I moved on to the next most shelved trope, which happened to be “Small Town.” 

I genuinely enjoy small-town romances, but unfortunately, I have also featured that trope in a previous Pour Blog. So, I continued my search and discovered that the next convention with a considerable number of books on my shelf was “Close Proximity.” In this article, I delve into the distinctions between close and forced proximity.

One of my favorite sub-tropes within Close Proximity is the co-workers and boss-employee dynamic. 

Co-workers or Boss Employee

The Close Proximity and tension of a co-worker romance book makes for some epic banter and so many almost moments. There is also the added piece of being caught. Co-workers or Boss Employee is considered a Close Proximity Book because you always have the option of quitting the job. While not easy, the characters are not bound or being held against their will. Not all co-worker romances books must take place in an office setting, this could also be bandmates or teammates. We are just looking for the characters to be punching the same time clock.  

Office Space Recs

Weston by Samantha Whiskey.

Is captivating novel, “Weston,” delves into the enthralling journey of two lifelong friends. The heroine starts off as the hero’s administrative assistant but eventually rises to the position of manager in his advertising firm. Having been friends since their high school days, she finds herself accompanying him on his ambitious pursuit of success. 

Within the pages of this book, readers will discover a delightful blend of banter and sizzling chemistry, perfect for fans of friends-to-lovers romances. As the story unfolds, both characters grapple with the fear of jeopardizing their cherished friendship by crossing into uncharted romantic territory. The undeniable “off-limits” vibe adds an extra layer of tension and anticipation to their relationship. 

“Weston” is a captivating exploration of the complexities that arise when friendship blossoms into something more. Samantha Whiskey weaves a tale filled with witty exchanges and palpable attraction, keeping readers eagerly turning the pages to uncover how these two characters navigate their changing dynamic. Prepare to be immersed in a heartfelt story that showcases the power of friendship and the thrilling possibilities of taking that leap into love. 

Strictly for Now by Carrie Elks

Carrie Elks presents a delightful and flirty read in “Strictly for Now.” The story centers around a captivating dynamic between the hero, who serves as the hockey coach for her family’s minor league hockey team, and the heroine, brought in as a fixer to address the team’s financial and structural challenges. What makes this tale all the more intriguing is the fact that she holds the position of authority—she is the boss. 

From the moment they meet, sparks fly as the hero immediately harbors a dislike towards her, fearing that she will disrupt the team and its dynamics. Meanwhile, the heroine finds herself torn between her professional obligations and her desire to avoid any entanglements, knowing that her connection to the team’s owners should remain undisclosed. As the story unfolds, readers are treated to a delightful blend of business and pleasure, with a touch of family dynamics, as this installment is part of a larger family series. 

“Strictly for Now” is a captivating and playful read, filled with flirtatious banter and engaging characters. Carrie Elks skillfully balances the tension between the hero’s resistance and the heroine’s reluctance, creating a story that will keep readers thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. 

Make Me Exhale by Marie Johnston

Marie Johnston’s captivating novel, “Make Me Exhale,” revolves around a unique premise. The determined heroine enlists the assistance of the hero to renovate and kick-start her Craft Brewery Business. Strikingly, she has engaged the hero’s family business to oversee the project management. As the story unfolds, tensions run high, saturating the pages with an abundance of emotional conflicts. 

The heroine, however, defies expectations, showcasing her remarkable strength and resilience. Amidst the intricate web of relationships, this tale delves into the profound emotions of feeling alone in a crowded room. The author skillfully brings small-town North Dakota to life, immersing readers in the rich tapestry of the setting. 

“Make Me Exhale” is a remarkable exploration of ambition, connection, and personal growth. With its palpable tensions, profound emotional depths, and vivid portrayal of small-town life, Marie Johnston crafts a narrative that will leave readers captivated and yearning for more. 

Not Office Space Co-workers-  

Drake by Sawyer Bennett

In Sawyer Bennett’s compelling novel “Drake,” the Pittsburgh Titans welcome a new addition to their team: the talented and brooding Goalie named Drake. From the start, Drake finds himself at odds with his boss, Brianne, yet he’s unable to deny the magnetic pull between them. Brianne, the team’s owner, has endured the heart-wrenching loss of her brother, and now she must navigate her complicated feelings for Drake while balancing her responsibilities as a team owner. 

Their relationship is a blazing inferno, brimming with intense angst and an irresistible allure that keeps readers yearning for more. As the flames of desire intertwine, the challenges they face both in and out of the bedroom become increasingly complex. And let’s not forget the undeniable allure of a powerful woman in a position of authority—a boss who commands attention. 

With “Drake,” Sawyer Bennett delivers a captivating story that explores the thrilling dynamics of passion, power, and forbidden attraction. Prepare to be swept away by the sizzling chemistry and the desperate longing that permeates every page of this enticing romance. 

Beyond the Game by Kaylee Ryan

In the enthralling novel Beyond the Game by Kaylee Ryan, we are introduced to our Hero, a talented baseball player who joins a new team. Little does he know that fate has something special in store for him as he crosses paths with our heroine, one of the team’s newly appointed trainers. If you’re a fan of Baseball Romances and crave a story with an extraordinary meet-cute, this series is an absolute must-read. 

Kaylee Ryan masterfully crafts a spicy baseball romance where our couple finds themselves entangled in a constant battle against their undeniable attraction while simultaneously navigating the complexities of their professional obligations. The banter, flirtation, and breathtaking kisses that fill the pages of this book are truly spectacular, keeping readers captivated from start to finish. 

Love Me Today by AL Jackson

Love Me Today by AL Jackson. In this captivating romance novel, a Single Dad Nanny finds herself immersed in a world of passion, heart-fluttering moments, and an undeniable undercurrent of animosity. Our protagonist, a billionaire alpha with a prickly demeanor, possesses an unparalleled ability to be disagreeable, except when it concerns the precious little girl who holds his heart. He’s willing to go to great lengths for her well-being, even going so far as to hire her horseback riding instructor as the nanny. 

As these two individuals clash at every twist and turn, their interactions ignite a fierce combination of fire and ice. The tension between them is palpable, their chemistry undeniable. The nanny, though frequently tempted to walk away from the job due to their differences, finds herself compelled to stay for the sake of the little girl she has grown to care for deeply.