Bingeable Complete- Family Series

I love a good book binge. There is something about being able to pick up a series of books and getting to know the characters and immerse yourself in their world. The way you get to know the characters, their interactions. The dynamics to their relationships all the while watching them fall deeply in love and achieving the ultimate HEA.  

Falling down the rabbit hole of a romance series that focuses on a family is one of my most guilty pleasures. I so enjoy reading about the dynamics within a family relationship. The built-in camaraderie and angst that comes with being in a family lead to great reads. Especially in a romance series where sometime a sibling will date another’s best friend, because that is my favorite.    

Not all family series are the same. Sometimes we have family series connected via DNA but also found family.  Authors can achieve this type of feeling in sport romance- so stay tuned for my take on Bingeable Sport Romance Series.  

Sometimes family series, especially long ones can lead to crowded pages. It can also cause the family relationships to seem more important than the couples interactions. I always want the couple at the center of a book. To write an engaging family series, an author must balance that against the couple’s relationship.  

Here are some of my favorite family series that are complete. These are also series in which the author has done a good job of not letting the family dynamic over shadow the couple dynamic. 

One of my new favorite authors from 2022 that writes amazing Family Series is author Carrie Elks. The Heartbreak Brothers is a perfect binge series. Each book is dynamic on it’s own and this family bring some great swoon! This is a 5 book series of 4 brothers in one sister. It takes place in the small town of Hartson Creek names after the family. Each hero is very different and meet and fall in love with some top tier dynamic heroines. This series is currently in Kindle Unlimited

man with dark hair  in blue shirt holding female with red hair face against a multiple colored sky and grass on bottom.

Buzzing about Romance did a QSR on Book 1.

One of my favorite of all time found family series is The Men of Haven by Rhenna Morgan. This seven book series is such a good read. Each member of the family comes from a different background but in the end they always put their brother’s first. This heroes in this series are very much alpha heroes, however the heroines give as good as they get. I can not express just how amazing this series is. It is one I could read over and over again.

Have you read Lexi Ryan’s Boys of Jackson Harbor? Because this series is spectacular! Small town Michigan. Each member of this family has their own problems and their own role with in this family unit. But they love so fiercely and are incredibly protective of each other. The emotion of these romances are tangible with big love and deep feels. It is a must read if you have not read it yet.

We did an episode of Buzzing about Romance with author Lexi Ryan and talked all about the challenges of writing a family series.

Looking for a large and complicated family series with a little bit of everything in it? Might I recommend a group of some of the fierces and most protective family I have ever read in romance. Carrie Ann Ryan shows us what a strong and protective family that loves unconditionally looks like. She writes big love and that no family perfect. The great thing about Carrie Ann’s books is each book stands on its own. It is easy to keep track of characters and the HEA is always the most important piece of each story. She has spinned this series off to cousins and next generations.

I am absolutely sure this is part one of a never ending TBR. So make sure you check back often for more Bingeable Family Series.