Brawller’s Weakness | Gina Azzi

I love when a couple comes together and they just know that they belong together. Axel has been drawn to Maisy for sometime.  Axel bided his time, and it paid off epically.  I love his grumpy man. He tries so hard to be grumpy, he seems really upset that he has feelings and they are making him do things.  The thing he is not shy about expressing feelings about is his daughter.  He adores her and has moved heaven and earth to be near her.  In my book, there is nothing better than a doting father.

Maisy has had so many people in her ear telling her that she doesn’t measure up.  She works hard on herself to ensure she doesn’t fall back into terrible habits that are detrimental to her mental health.

Sometimes when we read romance everything falls into place and everything goes smooth and couples never fumble.  Well, Maisy and Axel fumble friends and it is amazing to watch.  They both know in their hearts that they are each other’s match, but they have to get there.  I love how hard Axel tries, even when things don’t go as planned, and how well Maisy can go with the flow and make everything fun. If grumpy/sunshine is your jam then these two will warm your heart.  The side characters in this book are stellar, especially Lola {which, by the way we need more of her, Gina 😉 }!  Speaking of side characters, this team of guys is great and I am so looking forward to more in this series!