Dangerous Billionaire, while he is certainly hot and has some major anger issues, he didn’t seem that dangerous.

This book is about Ford Masterson, one of the “Classholes” from the previous book, Cruel Billionaire. However, I read this as a standalone offering. The “Classholes” have known each other since they were kids and their fathers are ultra-rich entitled jerks who anything but kind to their children.  These ultra-rich men are still trying to control their lives despite the fact that they are grown men and have made their own successes. 

Ford has finally broken free from his father’s rule and is now the Mayor and working to get the town where he wants it.  Ford is still struggling with his anger issues that have plagued him for so long. It is getting more and more difficult to hide those parts of his life. Ford wants to be a better man than his father. Ford has hired a new assistant after his previous one has retired.  When his new assistant starts, he has to work to keep his thoughts on the game and not on the beautiful woman.

Naomi is so close to finally getting some answers about her father’s death. She has worked her ass off to get in the bureau and work her way up. This case could help her avenge her father’s death and take down the man who was responsible all in one fowl swoop. She wasn’t prepared for Ford though. She was certain she would be able to keep the lines drawn, but that is seeming to be difficult.

Great character chemistry and the intrigue of the story line keeps you reading to see what is next.  It is heavy on the romance light on the steamy.  It makes for a very readable experience.  The book moves a fast pace. Naomi’s strengths play out very well in the story. 

This was a 4/5 read for me.  I do want to go back and read book one. There is an overall arching mystery in the series and I am hoping book one will fill in some holes.