Before We Fall by Aurora Rose Reynolds

POV: Dual 1st Person
Put out percentage: 43%
Tropes: Single Mom; Small Town; Spin-Off Series; Series Starter; Second Chance at love
Rate:  5/5 Stars
Release Date: July 7, 2023
Is there a 3rd act break up: No

Before We Fall is everything I want and need from an ARR book!

When I heard that Aurora Rose Reynolds was writing books for the brothers we met in Until Willow I was ecstatic. I have been impatiently waiting for this book, and it DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. Before We Fall is two people who are getting their second chance at love. They don’t meet in the most conventional way because their spouses are having an affair. Tucker and Miranda are dealing with emotional fallout of those failed relationships.

Miranda made a vow that she would NEVER be a woman that would deal with a cheating partner. There were no second chances. When that happens to her, she is done. She wastes no time taking the steps to end the realtionship with her husband. Tucker has been in a bad spot with his wife for a long time, and what happened gave him the ammunition he needed to take that next step.

These two experience the boom…

Not in the same way in which some of ARR’s other characters do, but it was still fiercely present. I adored these two. Miranda was a woman who lived her life for her son and her husband. When she needed to make changes, she didn’t question. She didn’t falter. Her only insecurity was… was she moving too fast with Tucker. But let me tell you, Tucker doesn’t allow those insecurities to fester long. When he makes the choice to move forward with Miranda, he does and never looks back.

Add in the adorable little boy of Mirandas and the emotional hits kept coming. I loved the relationship that built with Tucker and Kingston. Really Kingston and all of Tucker’s family. Miranda was welcomed with open arms as was her friend Emma. There are so many little moments in this book that are just perfect and heartfelt. There are deep feels in this book and ARR has re-established a great stride in these books. You do NOT want to skip Before We Fall!

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