What is the Cinnamon Roll Hero? 

Have you heard the term Cinnamon Roll in reference to a hero in a romance novel and not sure what it means? 

We are here to clear the up for you and provide you with my most favorite of Cinnamon Rolls. 

A Cinnamon Roll is typically referring to a male hero in a romance novel.  This is going to be the ultimate good guy. The sweet guy who goes the extra mile. He is going to be his partner’s biggest cheerleader.   A caregiver who is invested not just in the relationship but in the well-being of their partner. 

This does not mean he will be a push over. Instead, he is likely to stand his ground especially if it is what he deems best for his beloved. Many Cinnamon Roll heroes might have a harder outside, even a little burnt but they are still soft and squishy in the middle for their person. 

If I am honest with you, which you know I will be, it takes a very dynamic written cinnamon roll hero for me to fall in love with them.  I do tend to like the heroes that are a little crustier outside. 

I often think that a cinnamon roll hero is a nice way to say a beta hero. (Check out ep 127 for our take on these correlations) Often times these heroes lack the fortitude I like in a romance hero. I want someone who is capable and strong and fierce in their convictions, for me often a cinnamon roll comes off as easily being swayed and up against some protagonist come off as weak or mealy. 

Many people believe the Cinnamon Roll Heroes are the best heroes in romance right now.

They are often touted as being their go to hero and mostly likely to be a book boyfriend.  I think this a direct result of the current world.  Many readers are all looking for people who are more vulnerable, they want companionship and partnership over authority.  Readers want this in real life but also in their books. 

I do think there is still plenty of demand for alpha holes, anti-heroes, and dominates.  Right now, a Cinnamon Roll hero is safe hero. They are safe space for a reader to work through their own feelings, fears, and traumas in book form.  But for the hero to still have enough desirability he cannot be a door mat. 

There is a balance that is needed when writing a Cinnamon Roll. His actions and words much match his integrity and who he is as a person. Characters such as Alphas can still have a sweet spot for their hero- “touch her and die vibes”, but that alone would not qualify them as a Cinnamon Roll hero.   Pro Sports hero can’t be so squishy and touchy feely all the time.  It does not make sense because at some point they had to be come strong dominate and top of their game to make it that far in their career.  Characteristics and actions need to line up to the foundation of who the character is. 

I am very picky on if I am going to love a Cinnamon Roll hero or not.  But here are my top Cinnamon Roll Heroes. 

Two of my top Cinnamon Roll Heros are written by author Sawyer Bennett. Both are pro-hockey players and have very human qualities. Sometimes we get a Cinnamon Roll Hero who seems to lack boundaries or never really messes up. I need to see the characters humanity because the imperfections at times are what helps us fall in love with these characters.

In my review of Gage I talk about the nice guy and how this author writes some of my favorite nice guys. It also helps when a Cinnamon Hero comes up against a string heroine who challenges them to continue to be the best they can.

In Wylde he is the team flirt, the playboy but when he meets Carter he is all in from the start. He does all he can to show Clarke that she can trust him. That he is worthy of her time and attention.

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