Until Blaze

Mayra Statham delves into the ARR Happily Ever Alpha World, and she did it justice. We meet Blaze and Millie, and BOOM. There is that instantaneous moment where they (mostly Blaze) know exactly where their relationship is headed. Millie is a little bit harder to come to terms with this, but that isn’t without cause. There is some push and pull between these two, because Blaze does a couple of really bone-headed things off the bat, but does everything in his power to make Millie understand why he made those moves. There is some outside angst from an ex-fun buddy, who Blaze doesn’t look twice at after seeing Millie, and then a bad guy who causes all sorts of issues. This is a sweet, steamy read that gives us those snippets of ARR’s world but also showcases Statham’s writing style. Blaze and Millie grow in so many ways, apart and together, and we get a well-rounded story that gives us heat and depth.

Angst: 3
Part of Aurora Rose Reynolds Happily Ever Alpha World