Announcement and Update on Best of 2021!

In September Leah and I asked for feedback on 21 different tropes.  We wanted to know if it was a trope, you love or a trope does not really work for you. We filtered those down to the top 10. Our original plan was to provide you with a list of books that were published in 2021 that are the best example of these tropes.  Leah and I have spent the last 5 weeks trying to create a list and read in areas where we were lacking examples of those tropes. Even with the many books that we read you guys provided a challenge to us!  But unfortunately, because of time and expectations of ourselves, we are not able to meet this challenge 100%.

After brainstorming and hoping to provide you our community with a list of some of the best books of 2021 in tropes that you enjoy, we have had to rework a couple of things.

Last year we did an awards style show and while it was a huge success it was a lot of work. It took a lot of time that unfortunately we do not have this year.  Leah, and I are trying to do something a little bit different.  We are taking Trope Awards/Best of the Tropes and changing it up. First off to make it more manageable. Second to be truer to what you all have come to expect from us. In changing things up you guys will receive a list of 25 + books that were published in 2021.

Leah and I will pick 1 book each that was published in 2021 that we think was the best published for each month.  So we will each be giving you 12 of our top reads of 2021.  We will give you a list of tropes for the book we pick.  We will also give you our overall top read, in addition to our top 12.  We hope to talk about some of the rabbit holes we had dived into in 2021, along with our own personal challenges in reading this year.

Leah and I as book pushers are always trying to challenge ourselves and you all to find new authors, series and see what is out in the world to read.  We are excited to share our Best of 2021 and hope you listen and enjoy the episode.

Thank you for being such a great support to us!