The Powerbroker by Anna Hackett

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Protector; Strong Heroine; Slow Burn
PoP: 60%
Series: Norcross Security Book 6
POV:  3rd Person

I have been looking forward to Vander Norcross’s story since he first graced the pages in The Investigator. He has been a little bit of an enigma in the sense that you never really get a good sense of who he is except for the fact that h is a little dark and broody. He is the owner of Norcross Security and retired from Ghost Ops so he holds a darkness that not many can see past. One of my favorite moments of this book happens when he sets eyes on his heroine Brynn.

“She studied him steadily, meeting his gaze straight on. Vander realized then how few people did that.”

I knew that the woman to bring out the humanity in Vander the only shows his trusted circle was going to have to be a strong force of nature that isn’t willing to back down for anything. And Brynn is that. She has an understanding of Vander from the get-go that I don’t think anyone truly does, even his siblings. I adored the push and pull between these two. Mainly because Vander doesn’t feel as though he is capable of truly being able to give her what she needs in a relationship. But don’t worry, Brynn sets his straight. This is a little bit of a slow burn, but it isn’t without a ton of chemistry and tension between the two. Let me say though, once they cross that line, it is hot and oh so good.

Anna Hackett gives us another great addition to her list of work with the perfect blend of romance, action, and suspense. If you haven’t read this series yet, you do not need to read them in order, but you should because you get little snippets and teases of Vander through the series that gives you a glimpse into who he is before you get under his skin.