The Plan by Karla Sorensen

Rate: 4/5 Stars
POV: Dual 1st Person
Tropes: Bodyguard; Age Gap; Sports; Second Generation; Fake Relationship; Slow Burn
PoP: 80%

Erik and Lydia have an instant connection that Erik doesn’t want to explore.  He is a former football player that is floundering a little bit in his life choices.  Lydia is reeling from a car accident caused by paparazzi and has a healthy dose of fear about going back out into the world. 

Erik holds so much close to the vest but is continually surprised by the type of person that Lydia is.  He expects her to be open and honest, but he isn’t’ always willing to reciprocate.  He has secrets that he doesn’t want out, and you can understand why when you find out the full extent of it.

Lydia has decided that she is making changes in her life.  She has been happy with the direction things have been going, but after the accident, she realized that she wanted more from herself.  So she is taking strides to do that in order to become a powerhouse like her mom.

These two balance each other out in so many ways, and when they FINALLY get together it is combustible.  Karla Sorensen is a fan of writing the slow burn, but the chemistry between these two and the way it plays out makes sense.  I am so happy to be back for more Wolves, and can’t wait for more!