Caught by Love by Melissa Foster

Series: The Steeles at Silver Island #3
POV: Dual 3rd Person
Tropes: Best Friend’s Brother; Small town; Friends with Benefits; Reformed playboy
PoP: 2%
Rate:  4/5 Stars

There was something about Archer Steele that I didn’t like and couldn’t move past for most of the book.  However, as you read farther into the book, you get a sense that he is harboring a lot of guilt over things he shouldn’t.  He is the type of guy that holds in all he emotions, and then when they manifest out, it never goes well.  He keeps everything tightly in check, refusing to let people into his feelings, and when he is challenged on anything then he blows up about things that are right in front of him, instead of what truly bothers him.  

Indie Oliver is a woman who has goals, but these goals do not line up with the ideals of her parents and she struggles with that.  But at the same time, refuses to give in to their demands and wants.  I think that is an amazing trait that she has, that even though she knows that she is disappointing them, she is good at what she does and thrives in her field.  

These two have been circling for years because Indie is best friends with Archer’s sister Leni and have been attracted to each other.  However, neither one would act on that attraction, until one night everything changed.  Now they are friends with benefits, and there are moments that they both wanted to move forward, but both knew that they agreed that it wasn’t more.  Each and every time Indie tries to pull back and stop things, Archer reels her back in.

There is a lot of push and pull, but it mainly is because neither one of them want to admit there is more happening between them.  Archer is continuously fighting his feelings but manifesting his jealousy in an ugly way.  Indie’s reactions are logical and understandable.  I had a hard time with Archer, there were so many moments that I wanted to smack him because he is a reactor. Not a thinker, and more times than not, he was putting his foot in his mouth.  One thing that worked so well for him, was the fact that once they made decisions to move forward, Indie tried so hard to allow him to open up to her. And SLOWLY so SLOWLY he did that… it wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t without issue, but he got there.  There are some really poignant and emotional moments in this story that Melissa Foster is well known for, and you don’t’ want to miss them.