Review: Addicted by Brie Paisley

When I picked up Addicted, I needed something a little dark, a little gritty and a lot sexy.  I had never read Brie Paisley before so I wasn’t sure exactly what I would get. Sometimes when you pick a sexy book that is all the book has to offer.  It doesn’t always have much of a storyline/plot or relationship outside the physical.  This was not the case with Addicted.  While it is very heavy in the physical relationship it does offer insight into who Trixie and Sebastian are.  We see their fears and their heartache.  We see the passion and intensity that pulls them to each other. 

I really enjoyed Ms. Paisley’s writing style.  I liked that she moved time quickly but with purpose through the book.  From first meet to HEA, a relationship cannot always take place in 10 days. But instead of overloading detail or dragging time out Ms. Paisley moves things forward by giving us big moments coupled with a the small.  It made the read enjoyable with out feeling rushed or losing the intensity of their relationship.

This was a 4/5 read for me. I really enjoyed the characters and the story.  I liked the pace of the story telling.  There were a lot of emotions in this story so be prepared for some big moments of emotions.