The Bribe by Willa Nash

De-café Review:

Duke- Small Town Sheriff.  Good Guy.  Fierce Protector of those he loves.  Family is everything

Lucy/Jade: Rockstar Lucy is running from a stalker and all the overwhelming things in her life.  A Nashville star with only her best friend to confide in.  Lucy makes the choice to leave it all behind of a series of very scary encounters with a stalker.  Lucy is hiding/starting over in small town Calamity Montana. 

A scary encounter with a bison has Duke and Lucy meeting for the first time.  There is an instant connection between the two of them.  When they meet again in the small town of Calamity, the spark grows to a raging fire!  They both fall hard and fast, and I liked the moments where they discovered the little things about each other. Like when Lucy first sees his house or he learns a little piece of her past. The connection for them is inspiring and one that is more than just sexual.  It is a connection about two souls truly finding their partner. While it is a sexy read there is so much more. 

I loved the friendship between Lucy and her best friend Everly. You could tell how close they are and how strong their bond is.

This was a great escape read for me.  I was able to absorb myself into the world of Calamity.  The story has some funny moments and big emotions. The Bribe was a really nice start to the Calamity, Montana series and I am already looking forward to book two! The Bribe is by Willa Nash, which is a new pen name for Devney Perry.  Perry is a relatively new to me author. I can not wait to see what is going to happen next in Calamity!