Top Shelf Yearbook Nominations

We have opened nominations for our TopShelf 2020 Yearbook.

For our year in review episode we came up with our own fun and unique way to round up all the good stuff that was published in 2020. The Bees are creating our own Yearbook! But we will need your help!


Each Book Nominated must have been published between November 1, 2019 – November 1, 2020 (Authors are welcome to nominate their own works for consideration)

Nominations will be open from November 1, 2020- November 22nd.

Once Nominations are closed we will be asking our readers/followers to vote for their favorites.

Voting will Be Open November 29th- December 12th.

Winners will be announced in on our December 20th Podcast.

Our December 20th Episode will be recorded with a “live audience” (more information on that to come or partake in Drunk Book Club they know all things first! ).

The Following Categories will be Opened for Nominations.

Best/Unique Meet Cute (sparks) ( What book for 2020 has the Best or Unique Meet Cute) 

Best Couple (Which Couple Captured your heart and had you rooting for them.)

Best Kiss (Which Characters have the most amazing kiss of the year)

Best Athlete (which sports romance from 2020 was the best ) 

Best Performance by a Rock Star (We are visiting the Rock Star Romances of 2020, tell us who your favorite was) 

Silverest Fox  (Which Silver Fox Romance was the best of 2020.  Which Silver haired man captured your heart and you are still dreaming about) 

Best Girl Friend 2020 (A Female lead in a story that stood out to you) 

Best Book BoyFriend of 2020 (Which Male lead do you still dream about.)

Best Kick in the Gut Break Up  (which couple brought tears to your eyes when they broke up.  He had your stomach dropping to your toes as they parted way) 

Best on Page Team.  (The Best Friend)  (which set of friends were the most memorable for you.Whose best friend would be your best friend) 

Best Villain in a book (that antagonist character that caused the most havoic for the couple) 

Best Scene Stealer  (It could be a pup, a child or grandma, just someone who isn’t one of the main character,  who captured your heart wanting more from them) 

Best Breakthrough Author (What New on the Scene Author is your favorite. This is a category  for any author who released their first book from November 1, 2019 – November 1, 2020 )

Best Ensemble of 2020 (Cliff Hanger) (Which duet or Trilogy of 2020 was the best for you. This is a series of book that comes to us in parts and takes several books to complete the story) 

Best Reunion (resolution)  (which book had that best coming back together moment) 

Steamiest Connection (best sex scene)  (Which Book had the steamiest sexiest hottest sex scene of the year) 

Best laugh out loud moment  (Which book had you laughing at the antics on the page.  Which Character had the sassiest of one liners) 

If you are an author, we encourage you to get your fans and faithful readers involved.  There will be some cute “trophies” for the winning authors in each Category.