Drinks with the Bees Happy Hour Edition

Drinks with the Bees: Happy Hour Addition.  This is something new we are trying out.  It is a way for us to celebrate with authors on or around their release day.  It is also a way for us to have more in the moment interaction with our listeners.  You will be able to watch via a YouTube Link and interact and ask questions in real time!  Watch our social Media for links and date announcements.  We have some amazing authors in the line up!  You will want to grab a drink and join the Party! 

Are you an author planning an upcoming release? Maybe you would like to join the Bees for a Happy Hour? Fill out the form and we will see what we can. Time and commitment do limit the number of these we are capable of doing. So I would inquire early.

Please email Becky at [email protected] to inquire.