Happy Hour with Kelly Kay

Join Becky and Leah for a Happy Hour with author Kelly Kay as the celebrate the Stafýlia Cellars Duet. Over a Barrell and Under the Bus.

When: Friday April 9th
Time: 8p cst
Where: The Youtube


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Meet Kelly:

I used to create “dreams” with my best friend growing up. We’d each pick a boy we liked, then we’d write down a meet-cute that always ended with a happily ever after.

Now I get to dream every day, although it’s a little steamier these days. And I’ve discovered I can and will write anywhere I can. Keep tuned to Instagram to see all the times I fit in a sentence or two. 

I’m a writer, married to a writer, mother of a creative dynamo of a nine-year-old boy and currently a little sleepy. I’m a klutz and goofball and love lipstick as much as my Chuck Taylors. 

Good things in the world: pepperoni pizza, Flair pens*, wine, coffee, laughing with my friends until my stomach hurts, a musician at the top of their game, getting lost somewhere I’ve never been, matinee movies on a weekday, the Chicago Cubs, a fresh new notebook full of possibilities, bourbon on a cold night, Fantasy Football, witty men, walking through the local zoo in the rain and that moment when a character clicks in and begins to write their own adventure. I’m just the pen. 

Where to find Kelly:
Website: www.kellykayromance.com 
Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/amazonKellyK 
Goodreads: https://tinyurl.com/KellyKgoodreads
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kelly_kay_books/
Bingebooks: https://bingebooks.com/author/kelly-kay
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/kellykaybooks/_saved/
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kellykaybookblends