Matchmaking the Rival by Layla Hagen – Review

“I want to see you. I want to feel you. Every inch of your gorgeous, sexy body.”

I am a long time Layla Hagen fan. I really enjoy her books and the stories she tells. Her big complicated families have so much joy and chaos in them. Matchmaking the Rival is just what I love about Layla Hagen books. This is a story that is full of romance, big love, family feels and realistic characters.

Cade Whitley, CEO of The Boston Coffee Expert is determined to restore his family and company’s reputation by winning a prestigious coffee award. Cade is incredibly single-minded and only can see what is directly in front of him. Sometimes to his own detriment. For Cade there is only winning this award and nothing else.  

Sonyas Blends his biggest competitor. Who’s vice-president of marketing is his former math tutor, Meredith. A curvy, strong, sassy, family loving heroine. Who had a thing for Cade in school till he disappeared halfway through.

Meredith and Cade have know each other forever it seems. She had a crush. He was an ass.

They are now working for rival coffee companies and are in a competitors at a trade show.

These 2 characters do have chemistry, but they have to overcome hurt feels and their rivalry to make things happen.

Second Chance is not my favorite of tropes but this one did work being as Cade was immature in the past and had some growing up to do. A did feel the pages of this book were crowded and the character of Meredith was a distraction I did not need.

If you are looking for a quick and easy read I absolutely recommend this book. It just wasn’t my favorite, but I think it comes down to tropes.

Book Stats:
Rating 3:5
Tropes: Second Chance, Billionaire, Rivals to Lovers, Real Body Heroine, Foodie, Childhood Friends,
Series: The Whitley Brothers