Overarching Plot- Interconnected Stories

Over the course of the next 5 weeks Leah and I are reading through a series with an overarching interconnected storyline.  We are not allowed to read the next book until we record a Quick Shot of Romance Review Episode.

As we are going through this series of books it has brought up some different feelings about reading interconnected series. Many are ok reading them as they are released. This creates feelings of desperation for the next story. While other very much wait until the series is complete so they can binge all the books one after the other. At times anticipation can feel like to much. Why type of reader or you? Can you wait? Do you need to read one right after the other?

But before we get into my feelings of reading this series, a bit of a more you know moment.  

Let’s cover the basics.

What do I mean when I say overarching interconnected storyline?  

We did break this down in our We talk Seriously about Series Episode.  

First of all, Overarching Storyline. There is one thread carried throughout all the books. This is most popular with in the Romance Suspense sub-genre. By doing this it forces the reader to read these books in order because the thread will not be completely unraveled until the last book in the series.  

Second, the interconnected storyline. This is a writing style where the author is relying on the reader to have read the previous book and read the next book in order to get the full scope of the characters, their connections and setting. Interconnected storylines in romance typically mean that each individual book is a different couple but you will not reach the full HEA for all characters until the last book.  

Up and until the last book, each book will end with issues unresolved, most times ending on a cliffhanger.  

For a series of Quick Shots of Romance we are reading the Perfect Gentlemen Series by Lexi Blake and Shayla Black. This is a 5-book series that follows a group of boyhood friends as they come under attack by an unknown entity.  

I both love and hate this series. I read these books the first time as they were releasing and was completely enthralled with them. But that was like 5 years ago! Somethings I have forgotten and some things I am desperate for answers. I do feel like series like this is why I have such high expectations of Romantic Suspense. The overarching story is tight. There are not any plot holes. I also like that the characters are dynamic enough and keep you engaged in each story. No one really outshines the other. There is balance in these stories you don’t often get in some romantic suspense.