Summer Romance Reads

“Embrace the Heat with Our Must-Read Summer Romance Books – Unforgettable Love Stories to Savor Under the Sun!”

When I envision Summer Reads, I crave light-hearted and flirtatious books that whisk me away to idyllic vacation settings. I yearn for stories that transport me to sandy beaches, accompanied by mesmerizing sunsets and calming walks by the water. To fully immerse myself in the location, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite summertime reads: 

“It Happened One Summer” by Tessa Bailey: This fun and stress-free summer fling romance is perfect for those who enjoy the scent of sunscreen and all the delights of a carefree romance. 

“Made for You” by Natasha Madison and “Caught by Love” by Melissa Foster: Sail away on a boat with these captivating boating romances. “Made for You” is an exciting journey filled with breezy adventures, while “Caught by Love” introduces a unique Northeast Island atmosphere, different from the typical Florida coast setting. 

“The Summer We Fell” by Elizabeth O’Roark: Relive the nostalgia of young summer love with this heartwarming story. 

“The Summer Proposal” by Vi Keeland: Delve into a delightful staycation romance and discover the joy of exploring your own city. 

Beach Town Settings

For those intrigued by life in beach towns, explore the “Savage Kings MC Series” by Lane Hart and DB West for a grittier vibe. “One Night with a Billionaire” by Lane Hart is set in Myrtle Beach off-season, while Sydney Landon’s “Daners” series also takes place in Myrtle Beach. If you prefer the charm of Southern California, try Carrie Elks’ “Angel Sand” series. 

“One Crazy Week” by Claire Kinglsey: Escape your everyday life and indulge in your wildest fantasies for just one week on the southern coast of California. 

“Cruel Money” series by KA Linde: Experience a compelling and angsty read with Gossip Girl vibes as it unfolds in the beautiful beaches of Hamptons. 

“Beaufort Poker Club” by Maggie Gates: Set in a small coastal town in North Carolina, this romance promises an intimate and charming summertime experience. 

Into the Mountains

“For nEver” by Aurora Rose Reynolds: Venture into the mountains of Oregon with a fake date in tow for a week-long family summer camp experience. Expect steamy moments, crazy grandmas, and fun summer games. 

“Muses and Melodies” by Rebecca Yarros: Explore a small-town mountain romance, perfect for those who prefer the serenity of the mountains during summer. 

“Trapped In Love” by Danica Flynn  is a small-town summer vacation romance set in the Poconos. It is everything one loves in an enemies to lovers romance all while on vacation.

Road Trip Adventures

If you love road trips, “Accidental Attachment” by Max Monroe and “Play to Win” by Kelly Jamieson (the first book in her Wynn series) will take you on thrilling journeys full of unexpected encounters and unforgettable memories. From meeting in Vegas, waking up married, to road-tripping to Southern California, the excitement never ends. 

These summer reads promise to whisk you away to various alluring locations and immerse you in heartwarming romances and delightful adventures. Enjoy your summer reading escapades!