Summer Lovin’ Movie Watchlist

Are you a fan of movies? Can book enthusiasts also enjoy movies? Personally, there are moments when I indulge in the world of films, and other times when I go months without even turning on the television.

Recently, on an episode of Buzzing about Romance, we compiled a list of movies to watch if you appreciate specific tropes found in books. This got me contemplating our usual lack of discussion regarding our own watchlists or the movies The last Letter from Your Lover – Netflix we eagerly anticipate. It seems to me that each of us does indeed maintain a roster of films and shows we wish to experience.

There are occasions when all I desire is to settle on the couch, munch on popcorn, and witness the unfolding drama on the screen. Allow me to share a few entries from my own watchlist for the upcoming months.

A Tourist’ Guide to Love – Streaming on Netflix

A Tourist’ Guide to Love stars Rachael Leigh Cook sets off sparks with newcomer Scott Ly in this scenic rom-com co-starring Missi Pyle and Ben Feldman. Videos. A Tourist’s Guide to Love.

I am absolutely enamored by every aspect of this film. The undeniable chemistry between the two lead actors, Rachael Leigh Cook portraying Amanda and Scott Ly as Sinh, ignites a spark that captivates you from their very first scene together. Their connection is so palpable that it leaves you spellbound.

Quinn Truc, portraying Sinh’s cousin Anh, brings an incredible charm to her character as she skillfully navigates the tour bus through the picturesque landscapes of Vietnam. Her presence on screen is an absolute delight.

Le Thien, portraying their grandmother, is an adorable and funny character who manages to be slightly intimidating in an endearing way. Her portrayal adds a wonderful depth to the storyline.

The journey that unfolds as you traverse Vietnam through the lens of this film showcases the breathtaking beauty of the country. It fills your heart with joy and lifts your spirit. This movie is a constant source of smiles, and you wish it could continue indefinitely. Fortunately, you can always indulge in watching it again and again, as I have.

I wholeheartedly recommend watching this movie, as I firmly believe you won’t regret it. If I had the option, I would give it more than five stars. It is a cinematic gem that deserves the highest praise.

Forever My Girl- Streaming on Netflix

Yes, Forever My Girl is a film adaptation. It’s adapted from the 2012 novel of the same name by New York Times bestselling author Heidi McLaughlin. This was actually McLaughlin’s first novel.

This film has completely captured my heart. It tugs at the deepest strings of emotion within me. The casting is simply exquisite! While Alex Roe may not fit the conventional mold of a “handsome” actor, his portrayal of this character is nothing short of breathtaking. He dedicated himself wholeheartedly, learning the southern accent, mastering the art of singing (despite never having sung in public before), and even playing the guitar authentically, strumming it like a seasoned country artist. It’s truly mesmerizing!

The chemistry between Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe is undeniably electric! It’s evident that they put in the effort during their pre-production outings to develop a genuine connection, and the result is absolutely astounding! This movie is one that I will passionately recommend to everyone I know. It embodies the essence of an old-fashioned tale, woven with themes of love, forgiveness, and redemption, all set against a charming small-town backdrop with traditional values. The music is phenomenal, and the best part is the ending—a blissful culmination that is so heartwarming it could bring tears to anyone’s eyes. Oh, how I wish I had experienced it on the grandeur of the big screen!

The Last Letter from Your Lover – Streaming on Netflix

Based on the book by the same by author JoJo Moyes The Last Letter from Your Lover doesn’t aim to bring tears to your eyes, so if you’re seeking a cathartic emotional experience, you may want to explore other options. However, it serves as a decently crafted dish of romantic indulgence—comfort food delicately infused with sentimentality—that satisfies your craving for a touch of escapism. While it may not leave an indelible mark, it’s unlikely that you’ll regret investing your time in watching it. It doesn’t have the same emotional impact that Me Before You does but it does bring the feels.

I have not yet gotten to the following two but hope to on the next rainy day.

Your Place or Mine– Streaming on Netflix

Somebody I Used to Know – streaming on Amazon Prime

Here are few others to consider that are playing on the big screen before they move on to streaming services..

Love Again – In Theatres Now

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 – in Theatres September 2023

If you check out any of these movies let us know your thoughts and reviews.

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