Accidental Attachment by Max Monroe

I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of the story and the forced closeness during the tour. Brooke’s adorably awkward and fun personality was simply delightful. Chase, on the other hand, is the perfect leading man and is easily book boyfriend material. His love for Brooke’s previous and current works was endearing, and he found her to be the cutest and funniest person ever.

The pacing of this story felt rushed and there were sometime redunciences for no purpose.

However, the book’s length was a hindrance to my enjoyment, and it contained several redundant details that could have been edited out, especially given Chase’s profession as an editor. Brooke’s attempts at humor to mask her insecurities were a bit over the top, and the love story, although sweetly developed throughout the book, was too slow. The lack of quality time between the couple was disappointing, and the sudden ending felt rushed.

Furthermore, there was a particular line from Chase that felt out of character and didn’t quite fit with the overall tone of the book. While I have no qualms about foul language, this particular line just didn’t seem like something Chase would say.

Overall, the book had a slow-burn close proximity humor that I found enjoyable, despite its flaws.

The audiobook read by CJ Bloom and Joe Arden was fantastic. They are always a delightful mesh of voice and an auto listen.

Book Stats:
Rating: 3.5/5
Trope: Close Proximity, Slow Burn