Review: Wright with Benefits

Rating: 4/5
Steam: 4/5
Tropes: One Night stand, Friends with Benefits, friend group, friends to lovers,
Series: Wrights of Lubbock Texas (Standalone)
Point of View: 1st person, Dual Point of View

Wright with Benefits is a signature K.A. Linde romance.  Absolutely compelling! The story will seduce you right into the Wright World of Lubbock Texas.  A world filled with a charming cast of characters that own your heart.

Wright With Benefits is the story of two determined workaholic characters that hide behind their careers instead of truly living.  Jordan and Annie’s story is one of opening your heart to the possibility of love but also allowing the vulnerability of what it means to be committed to another person. Jordan and Annie’s lives are interconnected and even though Lubbock isn’t small town you get the small-town vibe for sure.   Annie and Jordan have a deep, explosive link to each other.  They are very much soul mates, fated for each other. 

K.A. Linde’s stories are always a steamy romance with amazing characters and Wright with Benefits is a perfect example.  Emotions and seduction with plenty of push and pull between the characters will melt your heart.  This is a swoony story and even though Jordan doesn’t always have the right words to express himself his big gesture will leave you with all the feels.  I cannot say enough with how good this story is.  I highly recommend it!