Excalibur | Anna Hackett

Sentinel Security has become one of those series I look forward to.  So much.  And Bram the grumpy and stoic Irishman stole my heart from the moment we met.  I was so excited to see who his heroine would be, and friends he met his match. Bram closes himself off from pretty much everyone, and if you have read the previous books you know his bestie will have none of that.  Devyn and Bram’s banter is amazing and the way Hackett describes Bram is amazing.  But Bram has eyes for one woman and one woman only.  The beautiful blonde dancer, Adeline.  They share an epic couple of weeks together only for Bram to disappear for work.  

Addie finds herself alone and pregnant.  She never thought she would see Bram again, and their reunion is one for the record books.  Addie is filled with so much self doubt, and feels alone in the world.  And frightened because she has a stalker. So when Bram and the Sentinel team bring her in she doesn’t know how to react.  Watching grumpy Bram fall head over heels for literally Addie, who he calls Sunshine was amazing.  And of course no book in this series is complete without a fair amount of suspense, and as the team works to track down Addie’s stalker.  This book was filled with amazing chemistry, superb banter, lots of twists and turns, and an amazing found family that rallies to support Addie and Bram’s growing family. The easter eggs that Hackett placed for readers has me counting down the days until Hex finally gets her HEA.  And we meet two new characters that we definitely are going to want more of! 

Another amazing book in this series- if you enjoy a found family, grumpy/sunshine, lots of suspense, and fun banter this series is a must read!