Review: The Nanny and the Beefcake by Krista Sandor

Rating: 3.5/5
Series: The Nanny love Match book #3
Tropes: Sports Romance, Single Dad, Nanny, Meet Cute, enemies to lovers,
PoP: 25%

The Nanny and The Beefcake is the third book in the Nanny Love Match series by Krista Sandor.

This is the story of Erasmus (Raz) Cress,  British boxer known as the Lion.  Raz is training for his comeback fight in more way then one. This will be the first fight since he lost his wife.  He is also working on coming back to his 6 year old son, Sebastian. Raz nanny match his is complete oppisite, the zen yoga instructor Libby Lamb.

Libby Lamb has lost her zen and her O. Since her first encounter with the noisy beefcake aka Raz, Libby’s chi has been all out of whack.  

Raz and Libby’s story is funny and quirky and just what I have come to expect of this series. These stories are sweet and spicy and leave the reader with a smile on their face.

These characters could not be more opposite if they tried but also the same. They both are relatable.  Carrying the weight of the world on their backs, with a couple of donkeys  along for the ride.  I really loved Libby’s eccentric character.  She has such a big heart and is a true caregiver.  Raz while he appears to have an ego the size of Pike’s Peak he is so much more. He masks who he truly is.  He is the most burnt of cinnamon roll heroes.  Raz is complex with layers that make him who he is.  He is so much more than a boxer.  As the story develops, we see he Raz truly is. 

This story was a bit more weighted then the two previous in the series.  I think that because of the two characters and the baggage they bring to the story there is bit more emotion in the story. This is a journey of more than 9-miles for these two characters.  All the elements I expected where there, the spice, the funny and the sweet, it just has a different feel.  I struggled to connect with Raz and Libby as I had expected.  But the Funny moments left me smiling and I loved the one page moments between all the kids and previous story characters.