Review: Welcome to the Dark Side by Giana Darling

Rating: 3/3
Series: Fallen Men #2
Tropes: Anti-hero, Age-gap, single dad, MC Club
PoP: 47%

For months I have been hearing about Daddy Zeus and what a great age-gap, anti-hero romance this is.  I dove in with very high expectations.  
I have so many mixed feelings about this story.  Overall, I did enjoy it.

 Is Zeus my favorite anti-hero, nope.  It isn’t any one thing that I don’t love about him. He is a fierce protector of those whom he loves. I love that about him. He pushed the grey. I don’t feel like I know exactly why he lives in the grey. I think that is part of it. As a reader he is still very much an enigma to me.   I see his fierceness and loyalty to those in his world, but why does he make the choices he does? 

Lou-Lou/Louise/Foxy is a bit of a quandary herself. Faced with her own mortality at a very young age she becomes a risk taker.  She is blazing her own path even if it is on the dark side.  I question a lot of the choices she makes, especially when she has someone who is desperately in love with her and wants to do all in his power to protect her. 

If you are a fan of Sons of Anarchy and are looking for the Romance Book Version than you absolutely should check out this series.  I am on the fence if I will go forward or not.