Review: Starry-Eyed Love by Helena Hunting

Rating: 4/5 PoP: 63% Spark House, #2

London is the middle Spark sister and as such finds herself pulled in every direction. Running Spark House was not something she could see doing at least this early in life. When their parents died, life changed quickly. London is used to being the glue holding everything together and finds herself suppressing her feelings to accomplish the goals of Spark House. Jackson Holt is a self made billionaire that is kind of drifting through life. He is looking for more but is not completely sure what that means for him. There is certainly a spark between these two from the beginning. 

I love that both of these characters are strong but also vulnerable. They find a lot of common ground but can often be confusing to each other. London stands up for herself with Jackson in ways she has not yet done with her own family. Her struggle with anxiety and feelings is completely relatable. The stresses her job responsibilities are creating are interfering with her daily life in unhealthy ways. Jackson is more outgoing and confident but he too has experienced great loss. He has no semblance of work-life balance and is unsure of how to handle relationships differently than business. Neither one of them wants to love and lose again. 

This book picks up from the first, When Sparks Fly, but from London’s view. I think it is enlightening  to see Avery and Declan’s relationship from her perspective. I also enjoyed that we see that Avery still has struggles. Even though you have found your HEA, not everything is going to be easy and stress free. London’s story contains a strong family element that encompasses all the Spark House strives to be. As their relationships and therefore family grows, Spark House must do the same.