Doctor Mistake by J. Saman

Series: Boston’s Billionaire Bachelors Book 2
Rate: 5 Stars
Tropes: Best Friends Brother; Co-Worker; Roommates; Family Series; Billionaire

When we got that little teaser at the end of Doctor Scandalous, I wanted this book instantly. However, we had to wait because well it needed to be finished. But what a finish it was!! J. Saman hits a high note with this book. Carter Fritz is one of the swooniest characters I have read in a long time. I have a thing for a pining hero, and oh, he pines. Grace is engaged to a not so good person, and Carter never really lets her forget how he feels about the idiot. But when truth comes to light about what kind of person the fiancé really is, Carter is there to save the day. Grace is a little apprehensive of her newfound situation, rightly so, but once she makes the decision to be in with Carter, oh boy. She has always had a thing for Carter, but being he is the older brother of her best friend Oliver, and also left for college before she graduated high school, nothing every came from the crush.

However, all bets are off once she becomes a free agent. One thing I adore about Carter are the lengths that he goes to protect Grace in all ways. From her health to her job, and just her general well-being. These two are electric together, and you wish that there was more from the two of them once you get to the end of the book. We get little snippets from Oliver, who wasn’t always the most supportive friend, but it makes sense, and the rest of the brothers. And I have to say when we get insights into Grace’s family, you truly understand where Oliver is coming from, but you also see where her true family lies. This book is a wonderfully well written story that you would be remiss not to read.