Review: Back to the Burbs

Authors: Avery Flynn and Tracy Wolff
Rating 4/5
Steam 1/5
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Trope: Close Proximity, New lease on life, friendship

This is such a wonderful and funny Women’s Fiction with a side of Rom-com.   The character of Mallory was such a fun delight.  I really enjoyed her interactions with Nick.  She is such a fun character to root for. 

The story is told completely from Mallory’s POV and she was a really relatable heroine. She is trying to find herself and what she wants after letting her ex-boss her around. She struggles with her relationships both familial and romantic but is determined not to make the same mistakes again. I loved her mix of humor, sass, and self-awareness as she figures things out.

The romance and other plot points were nicely paced. There is a bit of slow burn leading up to Mallory exploring her romantic options, and it was hard to put the book down.

Tracy Wolff and Avery Flynn are two of my go to authors so when they write a book together, I am all in. Flynn a known romance author and Wolff has a following in a fantasy and darker romance this is very much a lighthearted Women’s Fiction read.  If you are a fan of Mary Kay Andrews, you will Love Back in the Burbs.